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Friday, 04 February 2011 05:07


Children's stories help to learn English by file flash

These are more 100 English attractive Stories for Children which I have collected on Internet for long time . They are all by flash file with tag . swf . I think They are the best Stories for your Kids to learn English easy as ABC

>>>>Following ABC list
Click here to download all Stories

1. A dogs life
2. ABC Zoo
3. Ali and the magic carpet (Kamaliyah)
4. Beetle spots
5. The Big volcano (Kamaliyah)
6. Bill's birthday cake (Kamaliyah)

7. Black and Red ants
8. Cyrus becomes a Clown (Kamaliyah)
Do not open
Eric the engine and the railway rock
Family egg (Kamaliyah)
Formthe good habit in the train (Kamaliyah)
Freda (Kamaliyah)
Frog princess
Fruit roll up boy (Kamaliyah)
Funguls and pussycat (Kamaliyah)
Giant (Kamaliyah)
Hair is a thing (Kamaliyah)
Hat for me (Kamaliyah)
Jack and Mr. Khear (Kamaliyah)
Joey (Kamaliyah)
Jungle girl (Kamaliyah)
Katrina caterpillar (Kamaliyah)
King Jake (Kamaliyah)
Kon and nok (Kamaliyah)
Leprechaun (Kamaliyah)
Lights on lights out (Kamaliyah)
Little owl (Kamaliyah)
Lonely dog (Kamaliyah)
Mat mitten (Kamaliyah)
Missy saves the day (Kamaliyah)
Molly’s secret (Kamaliyah)
Mother nature (Kamaliyah)
Mr. Gruff (Kamaliyah)
Music madness
My Dad (Kamaliyah)
No Dogs (Kamaliyah)
Officer dunks
One moment around the world
Our colorful world (Kamaliyah)
Penguins peanut butter (Kamaliyah)
Pets at the Animal Shelter
Pig and twig (Kamaliyah)
Pirate popcorn (Kamaliyah)
Planet Earth (Kamaliyah)
River Otter (Kamaliyah)
Sand castles
Save pig
Scaring Sam (Kamaliyah)
Squeaky gate (Kamaliyah)
Teddy’s adventure
Test trouble (Kamaliyah)
The cold planet
The first marathon
The girl and the magic tree (Kamaliyah)
The greedy hippo
The lonely dog (Kamaliyah)
The lucky envelope
The magic spell
The princess and the dragon
The twins week
Three lerp (Kamaliyah)
Time machine (Kamaliyah)
To the other side of the world (Kamaliyah)
Tree song (Kamaliyah)
Upside down fairytale (Kamaliyah)
Voyage of the animal orchestra (Kamaliyah)
Wild animals okay (Kamaliyah)
Whales are very big (Kamaliyah)

Click here to download all Stories

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