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English Story For Kids: Officer Dunks

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Story Unit 38: Officer Dunks


Unit 38: Officer Dunks

Written by Jimmy O’Keefe
Illustrated by Paul Rasche


’Police!’ Jem shouted. ’ Here they come!’
’Get the ball!’ Mimi cried.
’Just run!’ Crissv called.
But it was too late.

The police car stopped. Its front was over the basketball, and the policeman was already out.
’Come here!’ the policeman shouted.
Crissy ran to the entrance of their apartment block. But the others stopped, so she came back, too.
’I saw you running out on the street,’ the policeman said. ’You know that’s dangerous.’
’There’s nowhere else to play,’ Ben said.
’That’s not true,’ the policeman said. ’There’s a playing yard behind the apartments.’
’But that’s where the big kids go,’ Allie said. ’They always take our ball.’

’Well, you can’t play in the street,’ the policeman said.
’Then we can’t play anywhere,’ Jem said. He got the ball from under the front of the police car.
’We were trying to be a team,’ Mimi told the policeman. ’There’s a Pee- Wee league we thought we could join.’ ’Hey! There are still Pee-Wee league basketball teams?’ the policeman asked. ’ I played Pee-Wee league when I was a kid.’

’It’s good fun,’ Ben said.
’It’s a great sport,’ the policeman said. ’Thev used to call me Dunks.
I was tall for my age and could slam dunk.’’Did you play in the big league when you grew up, Officer Dunks?’ Ben asked. ’Could I have your autograph?’
Officer Dunks laughed. ’I was never that good,’ he said. ’But I had a whole lot of fun playing.’ ’That’s what we were going to have,’ Mimi said.

There must be some place round here you can train,' Officer Dunks said.
He looked up and down the street. There’s nowhere,’ Mimi said. ’Come on, you guys.’ ’Not so fast!’ Officer Dunks said.
’I want your names and addresses, first.’ ’Oh, no!’ Jem said.


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