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English Story For Kids: Unit 35. Music madness

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Story 35. Music madness


Cheri and her best friends, Crystal and Ashlev, loved the band Sisterhood.


When the band members broke up to continue their singing careers alone, Cheri had an idea. "Hev, how about Ave make our own band?" she said.


"We can ask Phil and Alex if thev want to he in it and Sharon can be our camera girl." Ashlev was rilling through the newspaper. "Hey, there's a contest lor the best kid-made music video," she announced.


"We can enter it! Our band can be called Five's A Crowd!" Crystal peeked out of the fridge. "Yea!" all the girls cheered.

Cheri, Crystal and Ashley got to work. They called up their triends Phil and Alex and asked them if they wanted to be in the band. They said Yee. Crystal


asked her sister Sharon if she w anted to film their music video.

She said that she'd love to. After assigning instruments, everyone agreed that Ashley had the most work. She was the lead vocalist, the choreographer and the songwriter.


Everyone practiced his or her instrument while Ashlev wrote their first song;.

When Ashlev finished, the band went to Madame C's Dance Studio to hold auditions lor extras to put in their music video. But they got a big surprise when they got to the studio. Madame C was a chicken!


Her students were all animals! The band held an audition. They saw tap- dancing penguins, waltzing pigs and hip-hopping pandas. They picked the pandas

The girls took the pandas shopping for the music video and bought them "I Love New York" T-shirts and sweatpants. They filmed the music video with the pandas as extras. They sent in the tape.

The band won the "Funniest Video Award." Rut the pandas won Grammys!!!!


Written by Kristen, age 10, West Hempstead , New York Illustrated by Carla Castagno Narrated by Debbie McCormick Animated bv Natalia Viklitinskava Sound Recording by Spiked Media, Austin, Texas


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